Hydrogen Peroxide Ball Valves For Your Piping System

Diversed Size and Specification Available

Full Range Of Valves For Hydrogen Peroxide Application

Hydrogen peroxide is known for its strong oxidizing properties, making it a commonly used cleaning agent, bleach, and disinfectant. However, hydrogen peroxide must be handled with care, as it can cause harm to people and the environment if not used properly.

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International Standards Certified Manufacturer

We have variety valve product certificates and quality system certificate. PED, CRN, ISO 9001, ABS, API 607, ISO 15848 , TA-LUFT, BS 6364 and 3A.

Design and Manufacture

Kevin Steel Corp. offers high-quality valves designed specifically for hydrogen peroxide applications. You can ensure the safety of your personnel, equipment, and the environment while processing hydrogen peroxide. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and how we can help you meet your hydrogen peroxide needs.

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