Features of Modentic Water Treatment Valve:

Modentc, a valve manufacturer, can provide the valves for your water treatment process and equipment. The applications include ultra-pure water system, sea water desalination by reverse osmosis, brackish water treatment, wastewater treatment, and water filtration system.

✓ High Salinity Media Corrosion Resist Valves

High salinity media such as brine will erode most metal valves very quickly. Modentic offers several options for special materials valves to resist salt water, sea water, and brackish water. The selection of the special material and the design provides excellent resistance to the corrosive media and gives increased working life to the valves.

✓ Sanitary Certified Valves

To remain sanitary of the purified water, Modneitc offers a range of products that meet FDA and 3A requirements for use in sterile, hygienic, and aseptic applications. Modentic is certified with 3A 68-00.

✓ Automated Valve Systems

Modentic offers a full range of control valves for the water treatment system, pneumatic valve controller, and motorized valve controller. Modentic supplies complete automated on-off or modulating packages to suit the requirements of different process and water treatment systems such as MSF, MED, RO, SWRO, BWRO, cooling circuit, particle filtration, and sewage clarification.

Product Range