Valves For Hydrogen Compressed Gas

Modentic's hydrogen valve series is crafted to suit hydrogen service. From the material selection, high-cycle design to stem fugitive emission test, Modentic's hydrogen valve series is optimized for safety in hydrogen storage and production systems. Contact us today to let us know your specific application and how we can help you.

Products Scope

  1. Ball Valves
  2. Needle Valves
  3. Automatic Ball Valves | Pneumatic Operators
  4. Customized Fittings

Verified Spec

  1. High Cycle Optimized
  2. High Pressure End-connections
  3. Modentic Clean and Hydrogen Used Package


  1. TA-LUFT / ISO 15848-1 Fugitive Emissio to enhance sealing performancen
  2. ISO 10497 / API 607 Fire Safe

Designed For

  1. Hydrogen Storage | Hydrogen Piping
  2. Hydrogen manufacturing
  3. Fueling of trucks

Modentic Hydrogen valves are cleaned and packaged to satisfy the most critical environment.