Liquid Hydrogen Valves For Your Piping System

Protect Your System with Reliable Liquid Hydrogen Valves - Upgrade Now !

Full Range Of Liquid Hydrogen Valves

Discover our extensive range of liquid hydrogen valves engineered to withstand low temperature and high pressure environment. Our meticulously designed valves not only adhere to strict safety and performance standards but also guarantee secure and efficient operations.

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International Standards Certified Manufacturer

We have variety valve product certificates and quality system certificate. PED, CRN, ISO 9001, ABS, API 607, ISO 15848 , TA-LUFT, BS 6364 and 3A.

Design and Manufacture

Kevin Steel Corp. has been devoted to liquid hydrogen valves manufacturing industry for 30 years, with a team of professional engineers who can develop tailored and customized products for our valued clients.

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They're engineered to suit your needs

We build liquid hydrogen valves to be competitive and reliable.

Liquid Hydrogen Service Needle Valves

Liquid Hydrogen Used Needle Valves

Needle Valves

Liquid Hydrogen Service Cryogenic Ball Valves

Liquid Hydrogen Used Ball Valves

BS6364 Certified Cryogenic Ball Valves

Liquid Hydrogen Service Super Alloy Ball Valves

Special Alloy Valves

Duplex / Alloy 20 / Alloy C276 / Titanium

Liquid Hydrogen Service Gate Valves

Liquid Hydrogen Used Gate Valves

Cast/Forged Steel Gate Valves

Liquid Hydrogen Service Globe Valves

Liquid Hydrogen Used Globe Valves

Cast/Forged Steel Globe Valves

Liquid Hydrogen Service Check Valves

Liquid Hydrogen Used Check Valves

Cast/Forged Steel Check Valves

Liquid Hydrogen Service Strainers

Liquid Hydrogen Used Strainer

Y Type Strainers

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