Easily Adjust Your Flows With Modentic Sanitary Control Valves

The Perfect Balance Between Economy And Performance

Sanitary Control Valves

Sanitary Control Valves

Outstanding Flow Control Characteristics

Modentic Sanitary Control Valves provide predictable control of downstream flow rates. We provide a broad selection of V-Port and Slotted Port balls. We design for process conditions, both CV and control characteristics can be easily modified by simply changing the ball.

Bubble-tight bidirectional shutoff

Modentic Sanitary Control Valves offer bi-directional bubble-tight shutoff.

Wide Range Of Control Options

  • Pneumatic Sanitary Valves
  • Electric Sanitary Valves
  • 2-Way Sanitary Control Valves
  • 3-Way Sanitary Control Valves
  • Flow Rate Control Sanitary Valves

Diversed Material Options

Stainless Steel (SS316) / SS316L / (Super) Duplex / Alloy 20 / Titanium-Valves / 904L / Monel / Alloy C276 / Alloy 22

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