Easily Adjust Your Flows With Modentic V-Port Ball Valves

The Perfect Balance Between Economy And Performance

V-Notch Ball Valves

V port Ball Valves

Outstanding Flow Control Characteristics

Modentic V-Port balls provide predictable control of downstream flow rates. We provide a broad selection of V-Port and Slotted Port balls. We design for process conditions, both CV and control characteristics can be easily modified by simply changing the ball.

Bubble-tight bidirectional shutoff

Modentic V-Notch Ball Valves offer bi-directional bubble-tight shutoff.

Wide Range Of Precise Cut V-Port

  • Slotted Port
  • 15° ports
  • 30° ports
  • 45° ports
  • 60° ports
  • 90° ports
  • Custom ports

Diversed Material Options

Stainless Steel (SS316) / SS316L / (Super) Duplex / Alloy 20 / Titanium-Valves / 904L / Monel / Alloy C276 / Alloy 22

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