254 SMO Valve In Stock

Modentic manufactures and stocks a wide range of 254 SMO valves, including: 254 SMO Ball Valves, 254 SMO Needle Valves, 254 SMO Check Valves, 254 SMO Globe Valve, 254 SMO Gate Valves , and 254 SMO Y Strainer.

254 SMO Valve Overview & Application

254 SMO valve is an austenitic stainless steel valve which resistance to crevice corrosion. The 254 SMO valves have better corrosion resistant ability than the 316/304 valves which are common on the market. 254 SMO valve is a cost-effective alternative in some applications.

254 SMO valves are commonly used in the following industries: chemical industry, food industry, desalination, shipbuilding, petrochemical industry, oil and gas gas 254 SMO is known as 6Mo , 1.4547, S31254 and A182 F44.

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