Nickel 200 (201) Valve In Stock

Modentic manufactures and stocks a wide range of Nickel 200 (201) valves, including: Nickel 200 (201) Ball Valves, Nickel 200 (201) Needle Valves, Nickel 200 (201) Check Valves, Nickel 200 (201) Globe Valve, Nickel 200 (201) Gate Valves , and Nickel 200 (201) Y Strainer.

Nickel 200 (201) Valve Overview & Application

Nickel 200/201 valves have great mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity in the wide temperature range. Nickel 200/201's passive film is exceptionally resistant to corrosive liquids, whether the flow is in static, low velocity or high velocity.

Nickel 200/201 is often used as a chemical valve, petrochemical valve, desalination valve, shipbuilding valve, oil and gas valve, medical valve, food valve. The Nickel 200/201 alias is N02100, CZ-100, and N02200.

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