Titanium Valve In Stock

Modentic manufactures and stocks a wide range of Titanium valves, including: Titanium Ball Valves, Titanium Needle Valves, Titanium Check Valves, Titanium Globe Valve, Titanium Gate Valves , and Titanium Y Strainer.

Titanium Valve Overview & Application

Titanium alloy valves are known for their high strength to weight ratio. Titanium alloy is a low-density strong metal with good ductility.

Titanium valves are available in a variety of material grades from the most commonly used Grade 2 to alloyed titanium Gr. 5 ,Gr. 7 and Gr. 12. Titanium alloys are aliased R50400, R50550 and R56400 in UNS. The DIN standards are named 3.703, 3.7035, 3.7164, and 3.7165, while the ASTM designation is A182 316Ti.